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Page 26

< Time for another blank page. This time, in order to keep the publishing cost down, I won’t request any invisible ink. This will be just a completely blank page no matter how long and where you stare at it. I’ve checked with the International Global Publishers of Printed Media Consortium (IGPoPMC for short) andContinue reading “Page 26”

Segue: Lessons Learned

For those of you keeping score, there have been some sweet life lessons sprinkled over this cupcake of a story. Please feel free to take whatever you personally find for yourself, but so far here’s a few banana slices for you to mush over : You can be whatever you want to be Follow yourContinue reading “Segue: Lessons Learned”

Page 25

That summer I came to terms with the truth that I had been trying so hard to avoid. I knew that I was a human, not a monkey, and I had accepted that fact a long time ago. Now it was time to accept the further fact that I could not ever become a monkey,Continue reading “Page 25”

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